Geo-location based information about real estate, tourism, architecture and education are visualized and marketed in the 3D-globe of Google Earth.

An excellent platform for worldwide marketing and presentation of location based data are provided by freely accessible online 3D globes such as Google Earth, which has been downloaded by over 1 billion users!

In addition to the two-dimensional representation of location based content, as it is customary in traditional mapping services, Google Earth has the advantage of providing three-dimensional data such as visualizing buildings and terrain topography. Georeferencing, i.e. the positioning of data based on coordinates, allows the presentation of projects at their real location in Google Earth.

RotorMaps are a very impressive and intuitive way of location based information transfer on the Internet. They make a lot of information interactively available at a glance. Texts, images and videos present the information initiatively, thematically related links are offered. Google Earth can also be integrated directly into an existing site! Some exiting examples for RotorMaps are shown on the right.


Visualization of information like property location, building appearance, site area, equipment and purchase price in Google Earth

Your portfolio in 3D

With just a click of a mouse, your customers can fly to various offers within a RotorMap and get an overview without having to travel to the property site in person.

More information will be provided through links, which show e.g. the site area and the purchase price, photos or videos can also be invoked. Through a network link your RotorMap is constantly updated and your customers are always well informed about your latest offers!

Tourism: Interactive 3D visualization of hotels and resorts in Google Earth
Media: Interactive 3D presentation of news and information in Google Earth
Education: Interactive 3D presentation of historical and cultural information in Google Earth
Architecture: Interactive 3D-presentation of buildings and plannings in Google Earth

Real Estate

Real Estate : Interactive 3D-display of buildings, projects and plannings in Google Earth